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XC race course

Concept planning for a formal xc race course in the SW is underway.

The Bunbury Collie area has been without a formal xc course for many years, or since racing stopped at the Wellington Dam Kiosk track. The old welli dam circuit had facilities such as bitumised car parking, toilets, water, showers, Kiosk, good specatator access and many more.

The course facilitated club, state and national events for many years before it was closed down due to dieback issues. Racing has taken a dive since and has never recovered to anything like its former glory.
Interest has sparked a new venue to be found which could accomdate all the required facilities needed for large and small events.

Wellington Mills Cottages has been cited as a perfect location with all the necessary facilities to cater for such a venue. It has accomdation, function hall, toilets, showers, cooking facilities, overflow car parking facilities and its right on the edge of a suitable forrest block with plenty of room for a full blown race circuit. The course will hope to again attract club, state and national events plus endurance events.

Experienced xc race course designers have already scoped out area for a clover leaf design, bringing the riders back to a spectator point several times every lap.

DEPaW have already given verbal pre-appoval to use the location as a xc race course. A recent higene study paid by DEPaW was done late in 2013 before a controlled burn in the area, which has now given us the all clear for further planning. If it was done after the burn, we would have to wait up to 4 years before a higene study could be done as the indicative speices of plants would need to grow back for an accurate study.

Having a specific race course will allow to keep other trails such as Pile rd open to the public and not impact on day trail closures for the recreational riders. Its only early days yet, however the planning has started the ball rolling for an exciting venue in the future.


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