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Mr Jaeger

Mr Jaeger
Mr Jaeger secures sponsorship deal for 2014

Alex Jaeger picks up sponsorship deal by Straitline for 2014 DH season.
I managed to get an interview with up and coming junior challenger for the 2014 Down Hill season over a facebook conversation with with a dodgy internet connection, Alex was happy to share his thoughts and answer some questions about his new sponsorship deal and the up and coming 2014 Down hill season.

Q: Was it hard getting a sponsorship deal?
A: Well it's kinda difficult and you have work hard to get it since as they told me they get over 2000 applications each year so when they were speaking to me they said they were very impressed since it's only My second year racing downhill.

Q: What are your goals for the 2014 season?
A: My goals for 2014 are to be on the top box and the end of the series with the overall in under 19's. I am also hoping to fly over east to try and compete in some national rounds to make an even bigger name for myself in the downhill community . I also hope to train and hard as I can and give a few riders in the Peel Districts Mtb Club elite riders a run for there money during the 2014 season by trying to get a faster time down the hill.

Q: How long have you been racing down hill?
A: I have been riding bikes for as long as I know but this was my second year racing downhill. I got introduced into the sport from a few friends I know , namely Deon baker.


Q: How did I get the sponsor?
A: I applied by email to the company and then we spoke back a fourth through email and then we sorted everything out with the sponsorship that they were offering me.

Q: Are you performing well compared to other in your age group and overall ?
A: Yes I would like to think so since it is only my second year racing and I am competing against guys that have been facing for a lot longer than I have so most of them have a lot more experience with how to adapt to certain technical parts on a trail.

Q: Who is your new sponsor and what do you get from them ?
A: My new sponsor for 2014 is Straitline components. Straitline has been very kind and is giving me most of their products that they create but like every sponsorship until your professional there is some money involved with the parts so it's not free at the moment but it is definitely A lot cheaper than the rrp of their products. So for example a product that has a rrp of $230 I only have to pay double digits

Q: I hear you intend to race over east in 2014, what events and how many times do you intend to go over east?
A: I would like to try and compete in a lot of the national rounds and hopefully some Victorian series race's. The only downside to living in Perth and racing is that to get over east it isn't cheap when you add all the bike cost, hotel accommodation so on so fourth.


Q: What forks are you running for 2014 and how do you like them set up?
A: The forks I am running for 2014 are 2012 boxxer r2c2's with 2014 lowers due to an on going issue with the 2012 lowers.

Q: Who are your main rivals to be No 1 in WA next year?
A: My main rivals in WA have got to be Mitch Monotti, Jackson Davis, & Tom Anticich. But don't get me wrong there are some riders that I haven't mentioned that have their on days and off days when racing.

Q: Who are your dh hero's and why?  
A: My DH hero's from the very start of my love or riding has got to be Sam Hill, Chris Kovarik, Brendan Fairclough & Jared Graves.

Q: Have you ever had a bike stolen? .. if so how did you feel?
A: No personaly I havn't had a bike stolen from but one of my friends has and it was very devastating even though they are replaceable, but it just sad to see now that it's so much more commen for low life scum bags to steal bikes since sometimes the bikes the get stolen get thousands of dollars put in to it with the thousand dollar price tag.

Q: What's your favourite track?
A: Dwellingup is my favourite Track which is about to get logged unfortunately. But I must say I have never ridden Nannup DH track and people say that is the most technical track in WA so I would love to head out there shortly to experience it.

With four months to go before the 1st season opening, Good Luck Alex.

s kinda difficult and you have work hard to get it since as they told me they get over 2000 applications each year so when they were speaking to me they said they were very impressed since it


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