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Collie Inaugral Pissy Ride

Collie Fringe Dwellers Night Ride
On the 16th of March the inaugural Collie Fringe Dwellers Pissy Night Ride was held. There was a good turn out with 13 Riders. Under lights and Under the Influence they navigated the Dead Cats Trail loop with a few extra keen riders also riding Rays Trail. Special guest travelled from Bunbury and Kirup to make the Collie bike week event. All agreed it was a great night and plans are set to have another next year.

Stay tuned as there are also plans to have a few SOBER Night Rides in the coming weeks which will probably be between 15 to 20 km. So get your lights ready!
The group has also decided to take the pissy ride on tour with another one planned between now and the end of year grand finale at Pile Road. Stay tuned to this site for more details over the next several months.

Big thanks to the major sponsors of the night.Collie MTB Club  ,SW MTB Club  and Geographe Adventure Trails.


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