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PoE trade currency Arc Witch is very easy to play


Guides To Get MMOGO POE Currency and Advantages

The Arc Witch isn't a passive construct. You have to be always on the go, and in your feet. You also need to be able to keep tabs on the timing of a lot of unique skills, fans, and other items. If you are not at the top of your cooldowns, you will not be getting the maximum from the build's rotation.

Once you've your rotation down, the PoE trade currency Arc Witch is very easy to play. Simply approach a bunch of trash mobs, spam Arc until they are dead, then proceed into another bunch, and rinse and repeat. It is suggested to use Flame Dash on occasion to acquire an Arcane Surge proc, and use Orb of Storms in the middle of a bunch of mobs to get your Elemental Overload proc.

Although Arc's chaining property makes for some great DPS on trash mobs, don't expect to melt bosses quite as quickly with an Arc Witch. Additionally, although you can do a decent bit of tanking with this build, know about clear, one-shot kills from bosses.

Generally, if you're able to buy poe orbs avoid it -- avoid it. To tackle bosses, try using Bone Offering in the event that you have it, shed an Orb of Storms to get your Elemental Overload, then burn off the boss with Ball Lightning as quickly as you're capable when keeping an eye out for one-shots.
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