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Pandora bracelet is popular


My blog has been pretty devoid of pandora charms australia cheap reviews in recent months and I should apologise for that. I promise I’ll try and rectify this moving forwards. The last couple of years have been really interesting for Pandora. They’ve taken a drastic change in direction with pavé charms becoming the norm. Simultaneously they’ve retired a lot of their glass and started to favour simpler designs.
One recent addition to the catalogue has been the pandora bracelet charms australia . There was initially some confusion regarding the material used for these charms. Some are cubic zirconia, others are synthetic stone. After a recent trip to the new Pandora concept store close to me, I left with the blue quartz version. This is a synthetic, faceted stone in a lovely soft blue. Over the last couple of months there has been sporadic comments on my blog asking for comparisons between the Petite Facets and the Trollbeads Prisms, so I’ll include that below.
I’ve always liked the idea of these pandora jewelry australia sale as I think they fit Pandora’s new aesthetic perfectly. I have to admit I also feel they offer a more contemporary look compared to traditional glass charms. I’ll start by stating that I love these charms and I’m desperate for a second. The cores are branded but subtle and these are small charms but again I think this makes them neater on a bracelet.
While the shift in pandora bracelet sale australia has been controversial, I adore what they’ve done in the last couple of years. I think they’ve absolutely transformed the brand into a very chic and more fashion conscious jewellery line. As much as I love glass beads, I do feel they can be unwieldy on a bracelet. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal view. I do feel with the Petite Facets line Pandora have managed to introduce a more contemporary feeling glass bead to the charm bracelet world and I’m surprised because it feels almost a contradiction in terms. 
I don’t have much in the way of disposable income to spend on pandora jewelry australia outlet and this is partly what’s kept me away from the brand in the last couple of years. I’ve decided perhaps the best way for me to tackle that is to try and finish one bracelet at a time rather than buying what I think is pretty from any particular release. Considering that I’m lusting after a second blue quartz Petite Facets charm and yet I know on my next visit to the store I’ll feel attracted to something different on the basis I can review it on my blog!
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