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by Naim-Ul-Karim


DHAKA Nike Air VaporMax Plus NZ , July 17 (Xinhua) -- Bangladesh's imports surged 11.83 percent to some 41 billion U.S. dollars in the first 11 months of the just concluded 2016-17 fiscal year (July 2016-June 2017) on increased importation of staple food, officials said Monday.


Quoting the Bangladesh Bank (BB) data, they said the settlement of letters of credit (LCs), generally known as actual imports, stood at 40 Nike Air VaporMax NZ ,998.48 million dollars in the July-May period compared to 36,661.44 million dollars in the same period a year earlier.


Overall import orders also surged by 13.97 percent in the July-May period, showed the BB data.


The overall import orders, officially known as fresh opening of import letters of credit (LCs), increased to 44 Nike Air Max TN NZ ,118.71 million dollars in July-May against 38,711.89 million dollars in the same period of the last 2016-17 fiscal year, it showed.


A BB official told Xinhua Monday that Bangladesh's imports will continue to rise as the government needs to procure food grains in large quantities due to devastating flooding in parts of Bangladesh.


"Increased importation of staple food specially in recent months continued to push up the over all import bills," said the central bank official who did not like to be named.


Officials say ongoing floods triggered by heavy seasonal rains and onrush of water from hills across the Indian borders have caused widespread damage to habitation, crops Nike Air Max Plus NZ , roads and highways across vast areas of the country.


They said flash flood also struck the country's northeastern region in March, causing huge loss of winter rice.


In a bid to replenish reserves and rein in prices of rice, the Bangladeshi government in May announced importing 600,000 tons of staple food.


Also in a bid to rein the instability in prices of the staple food item in the domestic market, Bangladesh cut import duty on rice to 10 percent from 28 percent last month.


The Bangladeshi government on June 14 decided to import 250 Nike Air Max 2019 NZ ,000 tons of rice from Vietnam under a government-to-government agreement.


Price hike of food items particularly staple rice is a key concern for the Bangladeshi government as nearly 31.5 percent of its around 160 million people still live below the national poverty line and spend a large part of their incomes on food purchase. (1 U.S. dollar = 81 taka)


Cancer is usually a multi-symptomatic disease. In this sense, its effects are generally multiple and range from one patient to a different. Believe it or not, most cancers are completely asymptomatic at first.


When finally emerge, symptoms typically are not typical within the disease. Cancer effects can be minor and common to numerous diseases for the genesis. Only specific diagnostic procedures can result in the detection for the cancer. Typically, the functions within the warning signs of cancer depend upon the organ affected Nike Air Max 2018 NZ , along with its stage.


An example, united states may lead to the development of:


. shortness of breath
. difficulty swallowing
. alteration of general condition
. chest pain and cough
. loss of appetite and losing weight
. spitting blood
. Swollen lymph nodes in neck or along the volume of the clavicles.


Inside the most women, cancer of the breast usually manifests by:


. presence to a lump in the breast
. palpable swollen lymph nodes from the armpits
. Physiological and functional alterations in the breast: nipple discharge, presence of red patch within the breast, abnormal skin peeling Nike Air Max 98 NZ , breast pain, etc.


Colon cancer can be placed undetected for decades. However, not dealt with, the cancer can spread directly into the liver, lymph nodes and also other areas of the body Nike Air Max 97 NZ , triggering the creation of:


. New onset of abdominal pain
. Disorder or alternation in bowel movement
. An alteration of general condition
. An abdominal tumor or liver metastasis
. Bowel obstruction or intestinal perforation (complication).


Unlike a number of other cancers, cancer of the prostate possesses a slow growth, and can even take years before producing symptoms. For that matter, some men die with cancer of prostate without getting tuned in to it. When symptoms finally occur, they might include:


. Frequent urination
. Difficulty in retaining andor starting urine
. Low or discontinuous urine output
. Pain or burning sensation on urination
. Blood inside the urine
. Painful ejaculation
. Dull pain in back Nike Air Max 270 NZ , the hips or upper thighs.


cancer effects


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The Risk
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The Ease Of Transfer
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