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There is a drizzle in the


There is a drizzle in the sky, and the mountains in the distance are still clear in the fog. Although it is late autumn, the Jianmen Mountain is still a green state. Occasionally, there are one or two trees, the leaves of the ginkgo tree are yellow, and several maple trees are dazzling, but They are all drowned in the emerald green Cigarettes Online Usa Only. We sat in the car, and although we were eager to return to our hometown, we were even more impressed with the beautiful scenery of this road, stopping from time to time Newport 100S Bulk Buy. Efforts to look through the past in memory, especially the verses left by so many literati singers in ancient times, Li Bai? Du Fu...? My favorite is the verses of Lu You��s essays on the clothes and the traces of miscellaneous wines. This body is the end of the poet, and the drizzle rides into the sword gate. "The times have changed, the traffic of the martyrdom is convenient, and you don't have to ride into the sword gate. However, the ancient people's lofty respect for nature is difficult to compare. The wanderings love the land, personal gains and losses, grudges. They are all expressed in just a few words. From Jianmen to Chengdu, the mountains are far away, and all the rugged and bumpy are left on the clothes. This poem of Lu You has been more than 800 years since it became a quatrain. I have seen many paintings. I have painted people who are riding on a donkey. The first thing that reminds me of me is Lu You, and I also thought about it. For hundreds of years, why did Lu Weng ride into the Jianmen? Some are famous, some are unknown, and some are ordinary local people. They also left a lot of poetry prose, among them are some wars, some are doing business, some are exiled, There is also a return to the homeland to sacrifice ancestors, which is consistent with our current behavior. Years of the flow, hundreds of years of Chinese society, many things have not changed, and the story of the classic quatrains continues to traverse the rugged mountain roads. I quickly passed through the martyrdom and returned to my hometown Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online. I was still thinking that Lu Weng should ride on this path from our hometown. Maybe I would go down from the back and ask for water in front of my house. I have stayed in the house. It is also rainy and sunny. It is also the autumn season. The farmers in front of the house burned the brazier, surrounded the roasting fire in the dam, listened to Lu Weng��s story about the north, and the hospitable peasant gave him roasted sweet potatoes. Drink, otherwise there is a scent of wine left on the clothes. The harvest of autumn can't conceal the joy of the peasants. Huang Chengdeng's corn piles up the yard full Cheapest Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, too much, and hangs on the stone pillars on both sides of the road. The leaves have withered, and the melons weighing more than ten kilograms are placed in a row. The farmers are busy and have no time to recover. The fruit on the grapefruit tree is yellow, and they fall under the tree. No one has ever asked, pumpkins on the house, cypress trees. The dried oranges are falling, the oranges in the garden are red, and the river is fishing. I heard that there are dozens of tons of nets. In short, the hometown is full of unforgettable scenes. This season's water scorpion, his mountains and plains are his red figure, the leaves of the otter tree are all gone, leaving only a bunch of fruits that pass through the red red garden. He is also crowded this season to celebrate the harvest and enrich himself. The body is displayed in the autumn landscape. I remember when I was a child this season, my mother often took us to the mountains to pick the water, and I always harvested one or two hundred pounds every season, and picked the water fruit back to the sun, then mill Powder, because at that time, the boys in the family did not eat enough food, they mixed the flour into flour or corn flour, and later they ate too much, it was difficult to swallow, and the mother used him to add some The saccharin is made into a cake, so it is much more delicious. So we have spent the hard years living the stressful years. Now I think of those things, I always feel incomprehensible. The water rafters on the mountain grow so well every year, the fruit year. The harvest is good, and the total length of the land is not good, and the annual income is low. The peasants get up early or eat too much, and then they understand a lot. The power of natural law cannot be artificially violated.... No one in this kind of thing went up the mountain to pick it up. Only the people in the city were curious. Picking a few and eating a few and sprinkling it on the mountain, and our next generation is even more curious. Standing next to the camera, picking up one. It��s sour and vomiting! It��s sour and slag, but after listening to the story of the mountain scorpion we talked about, it��s all touched, and it��s hard to understand the hardships of the ancestors�� life. The autumn wind blows through the mountains, and the traces of invisibility and seeing are So beautiful, the geese leave long Figure, several flower clouds drifting across the lake on the river, smell the scent of farmers roof or cypress smoke, the crane was still bent over the forest of circling flew back from the river, in the woods, down the night. At this time, think of Lu Hao again, how lucky people are today! It is a pity that they have lost their experience. This is really: the autumn rain and the fine view of the sword door, the car Lenovo ancient cloud. The times have changed, and the ages have sung to call the world Newports For Cheap.
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