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Our old director


Our old director, Director Song, born in 1970, is a member of the Communist Party of China. He was originally the director of the Nanle County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. He is currently the secretary of Liangcun Town. As a party member cadre, he is full of love and responsibility and is responsible for his work Buy Cigarettes Online Newport 100'S. To our colleagues, our Song Director came to our office in 2014. We clearly remember that when he came to our office, he went to Guangzhou with his colleagues to participate in the Spring Canton Fair Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa. Sometimes when the business trip just came back and didn't take a break, he quickly reported to the leader. Sometimes when I am on a business trip, I will talk with the business owner, exchange experiences, and discuss the way out for the company. Every day, he has a full schedule. Sometimes he wants to know more about the situation of some companies, and he is working overtime, sometimes not taking meals. Due to his efforts, Nanle��s industrial development has undergone some major changes in the past two years. A leader like this, only for the development of the company, not for his own self-interest, how can entrepreneurs forget him, the director of Song, and his colleagues, who are usually approachable, no matter who has difficulties, he will Personally lend a helping hand in the past. If you can't get out of the air, you can call and ask for it. I remember that last winter, a colleague had a traffic accident at home. After knowing that the director of the unit immediately took the unit's colleagues to the hospital for investigation Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free, he sent a special person to be on duty in the hospital until my colleague was out of danger. (At the time, he happened to be on a business trip.) A leader like this is rare in today's society. How can our colleagues forget about him? I heard that he wants to transfer the news, how can we be willing to be our Song Secretary, a good son of our party, a good cadre, according to his ordinary physique, he is very special and enthusiastic about public welfare, has been involved in blood donation work, currently Has participated in blood donation 8 times, blood donation amounted to 3200 ml. In particular, in September 2010, in the ��Heart of Light�� youth volunteers�� hematopoietic stem cell-like collection activities organized by the County Red Cross and the Youth League Committee, they immediately joined the China Bone Marrow Bank. On October 31, 2013, the time was Fukan Town. In order to save a strange leukemia patient, the mayor went to Zhengzhou to donate blood and dry run, and saved the life of a six-generation single-passenger ordinary peasant. For example, a leader of the party and government, a blood donor stem cell donor, such a leader Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale, was donated, how can the people forget him, the director of Song, although the work is busy, he also has a lumbar disc, but as long as the unit has voluntary activities Whether it is snow sweeping or sanitation to the green belt, as long as he is in the unit, he will personally participate in labor. Such a leader who does not have an official position now has more units to help the poor Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps, and Director Song took the time to personally lead everyone to help the village of Wujiazhuang in Liangcun Township to improve the poverty alleviation, thus bringing the party closer. The masses' fish and water sentiment, Song, used his own practical actions to interpret selfless love. This persistent belief, broad mind and selfless dedication have been highly praised by the majority of party members and the masses, and truly established a good image of the people's public servants. A leader like this, a colleague, a public servant of the people, how can the people forget him, how can he not follow him
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