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I think that women's


I think that women's make-up is a matter of course. "Han Feizi? Xianxue" has the saying "Cong Zefen", Qu Yuan's "Chu Ci? Big Move" also has a note: "Powder is black, Shi Fangze only". It can be seen that makeup has been made in ancient times. It has already flourished in the late spring and autumn, and it has been passed down for thousands of years. Therefore, women's make-up is a common thing. What is worthy of fuss, a woman with a lot of words is really smart. It is not only longer than makeup, but also has a variety of styles. It is a long-lasting novel. It is called "Xijing Miscellanies": "Sima Xiangru is a wife and a gentleman, and the eyebrows are like a distant mountain. When people look at the eyebrows,"�� makeup." According to the "Chinese ancient and modern note", in the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei "made a white makeup black eyebrow", the world said "new makeup", popular. After the Yuan and the Year, influenced by the Tubo, there were so-called "skull makeup" and "tears makeup" rising in the folk. See Bai Juyi's poem "Shishi Makeup" for details. In the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the book of Song Gaogao's "Thickness of Things" was written, saying: "The Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Wudi Shouyang princess plum blossoms on the forehead, into five flowers, not to go, after three days of washing, the palace lady Bizarre, competitive." It is for "plum makeup". It can be seen that these various generations of women are all making up their makeup, no matter the court folk, the noble civilians, and each has its own new and different, and there is no woman who is smart. I used to learn to paint, but the art is not refined. Only the variety of brushes required for painting, the color ratio is so much, which makes me a headache. The long guns and short guns on the women's dressing table, guns and ammunition, are dazzling. The variety is complete, the quantity is numerous, the division of labor is clear, and the complexity of the process is even worse. I don't wear make-up, I have never seen a woman make-up. According to the different parts, the pens used are different. The eyebrows need to use the eyebrow pencil, the upper eye shadow is different from the pen, and the blush is different with the pen. What I use, I can��t say it. In addition, the type, color, proportion, order of use of the cosmetics, the complexity of the process, the numerous points, comparable to the workshop line. I want to say that women are born painters, and they are talented and experienced. They are good at creating on the face, and the paintings are all handed down to the world, and the number is amazing Buy Cigarettes Online Newport 100'S. There are 365 works in a year. Some people say that women should not make up. Of course, this remark is mostly out of the mouth of men. They believe that the appearance is natural, no need to make up, especially the makeup fee is huge, it is difficult to support. This is true. During my study of paintings, the large expenditures of various expenses often made me unable to make ends meet and were overwhelmed Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons. From this, it is suspected that the consumption of women's makeup is not too small. This statement should not be the reason why women can't paint. For women, it is too unfair for women to love makeup. This fact is not false, but men love smoking and drinking but also iron. Such as the mountain. Most women only begin to learn makeup after the age of twenty, and men who are not exposed to adulthood are not interested in buying cosmetics and spending money on a few women. Men spend more money on smoking and drinking than women need to make up. It is not advisable to say that women make up too much money for makeup Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa. The man spends money on smoking and drinking Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free, and wherever he can take makeup from a woman, so that his appearance is beautiful and pleasing to the eye, so that the man is deeply immersed in the tobacco and puddle and murders the body and mind. Make this a worldly bias. When a man smokes a cigarette and drinks alcohol, a woman gets makeup. This is what the equal Chinese say, and everything is too far behind. As long as this "degree" is done, there is nothing worthwhile to care about. The young and old are all fine. If you love two, you will take two. If you want to come to two or two, you will be innocent. Only one, must not smoke in the mouth, sipping wine, but the daughter-in-law who loves makeup is a defeated girl Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa. Women, as long as the light makeup is light, the cost is not big, there is no need to mind if the young and old are okay to get less alcohol and tobacco, then the woman can reduce the makeup is also possible, if you can not stop, then drink a little wine, pumping It��s beautiful to take a little cigarette and take a look at the woman��s make-up, isn��t it
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