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I had enough to eat at lun


I had enough to eat at lunch, and I remembered the ancient training - thousands of steps after dinner, so I walked along the street. The streets are empty, the sun is burning like fire, and it seems that the air is burning silently. Fold into a road, go all the way to the trees, and walk thousands of steps, this is a good place. Passing through a kindergarten, a quiet and colorful playground scattered a variety of toys, the sun shines all the glare, a tall and thin fake betel nut flowers, sandwiched in a few lush eucalyptus trees, pavilion is like a flag . A young woman came face to face, anxious and a little stunned. I asked a strange place to me. I couldn't help, because I was also here, and she had to wait and walk anxiously. I also continued to walk forward and walked to the crossroads, and the hot sun fell in front of me, a big sunshine. I paused and stared up at the sky, and the dull clouds did not move. In my heart, I decided not to go in which direction. I saw a piece of dodder on the bush near me Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro, and pulled one down, thinking about which side to go while squatting. When the scorpion was finished, and one was pulled, the factory opposite the factory was off work Bulk Cigarettes For Sale, and the walking and cycling employees rushed out, and the crossroads were crowded. I walked through the sidewalk and walked a short distance to a place where there was a lot of people Cheap Marlboro 100. It was in front of a factory, and across the road was a market stall. Many workers come and go between the market and the factory. There were many young people sitting under a tall banyan tree next to the factory. I loosened and sat on the raft of the banyan tree like the young people. Some people are fighting, some people are talking loudly or whispering Fb Distributors Marlboro Cigarettes, and more people are silent, a silence that is unwilling to speak after eating and drinking. Opposite the market, the cage is daunting in the hot sun. I closed my eyes to the quiet, infinite thoughts, and the various sounds came together, like the tides, rising and falling, I was like a boat that was ups and downs. The wind bypassed the hill and took away a trace of sadness. Golden is the footprint you left behind. It is cool, looking up to the blue sky like the sea. The past that the geese walked away is the passing of life. This moment is the affiliation of the year, the beginning of your dreams, the quiet years of the past, with a trace of sadness. Walking through the green grass, relying on the green trees, stepping through the aroma of the plum, but not as much as the maple leaves flying in the depression. Here I feel the fate of the hurricane, its tenacity and fragility, like the paleness of the frost when the earth fell, the moment of glaring beauty, but took away the life of all things for a lifetime, but I prefer to say that everything is done. My own mission Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online, just like I have traveled all the way through the four seasons, I must come to this beautiful autumn. But the old tree that was old and old, but still can shade the pedestrians in the sun, but in the coming year, I took an old heart and walked into your world again. Oh, how old is my life? The wind and rain, no matter here, no matter how many years of cold and heat, can only reflect the shortness and smallness of the world. Just like this autumn has witnessed the millennium history like the old tree's annual ring, the ancient leaves piled up in the leaves, buried more than the bleakness of my life, I like the maple leaf piled up, miss this yesterday, and I can't go back to this world yesterday. . The creek, which is commensurate with the sky, passes through the pine forest of my hometown and takes my memory away. The cold stream evokes this memory. But what I have touched you is not the one that flows through the stream that year.
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